Interac Online allows your customers to pay for goods and services safely and securely through your website, directly from their bank account. It is a cost effective way to increase your sales and will integrate seamlessly into your online checkout process.If a customer prefers to pay with their own money directly from their bank account over using credit cards or prefers not to share their financial information online, they will love paying with Interac Online.

To offer Interac Online to your customers, your first step is to contact us. It’s simple to implement. Whether you use WordPRess/WooCommerce or Shopify or another CRM checkout process, we will be able to guide you through the implementation process – by identifying hardware and software options that best suit your business needs to implementing the Interac Online service. If your website is already accepting Interac e-transfer payments, offering this additional payment option will benefit both your customers and your organization.

Low-cost payment solution

When you offer Interac Online to your customers, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • No authentication costs – Financial Institutions authenticate your customers and process the transaction in real time. This provides you with the guarantee to fulfill the order right away.
  • Competitive fees – Interac Online is priced as a low cost payment method compared to other payment options.
  • Transparent pricing – Interac Online is charged at a flat fee, with no hidden caveats.
  • Lower PCI compliance costs – with Interac Online, there’s no private data to store, therefore, no cost to you.
  • No chargebacks – the funds are guaranteed once the financial institution authorizes the payment.